The Tidying Expert Service,That Will Lead to Good Fortune.

Do you not have any struggles about Tidying Up?

We ask you about struggles tidying up.

then, Sadami Kinjo will visit your home and will give advice and know-how to solve the problems of storage.

This is a guide to the magical organize consultant and 

Tidying Expert Service That Will Lead to Good Fortune.


●What is Tidying Expert Service?

I actually visit your house, and I will teach you…

● How to Tidying Up

● Where and how to create a fixed storage space position

● What is needed for that space

● What kind of storage goods are convenient to attach?

● How much do you need about stock pile?

I will make a space with organizing by the use of “storage × interior × feng shui”.

■ Characteristic of Sadami's Tidying Expert Service.

  • "Sadami Kinjo" who is familiar as seen on a TV Programs, Magazines, News paper, and Radio. and has many achievements and experiences since 2009.
  • I'm Professional interior Designer. I can also consult on interiors at the same time.
  • While putting things away, we propose a rich lifestyle that makes the most of things in your life.
  • While feeling Feng Shui advice, calendar and season, we will propose a way of living that is ranked higher than it is now.
  • If you wish, you can also appraise the Kigaku.
  • We design a beautiful + comfortable + safe = moving storage space.
  • We will tell you the method that your child can clean up himself.
  • Don't force to throw it away. We will be together with you in the treasure hunt to find out what is important in your life.
  • It is a time when not only space but also nature and mood are positive.

■ Highly recommended for...

  • I don't know how to proceed with cleaning up...
  • I can't throw away things...
  • Things get more and more...
  • I want to use the storage efficiently!
  • There is not only one place, but I want professional advice as much as possible!
  • I want to clean the whole room!
  • I don't know how to store small children's growth and increase things
  • We want you to consult not only about storage but also about interiors.
  • Anyway, I want to make my house beautiful and beautiful
  • I want to make my life rosy by cleaning it up!

■ Contents of Tidying Expert Service

【Service contents】

Counseling + Tidying up service

After counseling how to organize and why it is not cleaned up, I will Tidying up in one place.


1 hour/10,000 yen (excluding tax)
We accept from 2 hours or more.
See below for areas where transportation expenses is free.

It can be extended for 10,000 yen per hour.

[Free transportation expenses area]
All wards in Osaka (Abeno ward, Asahi ward, Kita ward, Ikuno ward, Konohana ward, Joto ward, Suminoe ward, Sumiyoshi ward, Taisho ward, Chuo ward, Tsurumi ward, Tennoji ward, Naniwa ward, Nishi ward, Nishinari ward, Nishiyodogawa Ward, Higashi Sumiyoshi Ward, Higashinari Ward, Higashiyodogawa Ward, Hirano Ward, Fukushima Ward, Minato Ward, Miyakojima Ward, Yodogawa Ward) Osaka Prefecture (Sakai City, Higashi Osaka City) Other areas will be charged at actual cost.

Tidying Up consultation using ZOOM is also possible.

※cancellation policy
Cancellation will be charged 50% the day before and 100% will be charged on the day.


■Customer reviews


Even though I was not so good at cleaning things up, thanks to Kinjo-Sensei , my house is now tidy and very beautiful.  
and choosing a nice interior.I’m happy just to see it every day. I’m really thankful to you.

I want more and more beautiful places! So, I will continue to enjoy a beautiful life.


I was doing the Tidying up myself, but there were many things that didn’t go well, so I consulted with Kinjo-san.

I realized that what I left behind was really hard to use and I couldn’t things it properly because of the poor flow of life. .. .. .. With the proposal of “Beautiful + Comfortable + Easy to use”, I finally saw the goal of our lifestyle.
And above all, the story was fun, fun, cheered up my mood and set my heart. Thank you very much.


I have a child, so I use the regulary service for 2 hours every month, but without having to overdo it, the house has gradually begun to be set up little by little every month, and the days have become very fulfilling.
Since I work full-time while raising children, I wanted to create a healing space, so I came to ask,
[I had you come every month, and when my life was settled, there was no mysterious ups and downs, and I’ve always been able to come in with me! ]
Kinjo-san will organize the space, mind and heart, and I am really looking forward to the last tea time of each month.


To make sure that the work wasn’t painful, it was a fun atmosphere from beginning to end.I felt that the room was messed up and I was worried because it was all put out, so I feel relieved that the end will be clean properly. They gave me a feeling (actually, they were clean at the end), taught me what furniture and articles to buy, and suggested ways to reuse things. I met a wonderful teacher. Thank you for that.

I didn’t think that it would be so great to change the way of thinking because of the organized storage. It feels good when the room is really clean, and I am motivated to do something. It will be vital.

I’m really thankful to you.


I’m glad I didn’t throw away my memories. I am really grateful that I realized that it is important not to throw away but what to leave.

It feels very refreshing and my future life seems to have become a very bright future.

I’m really thankful to you.

■ When you using the Tidying up service,has many merits.

  • The fixed position of things is decided, and the space is clean.
  • Can create a mechanism for children to clean up themselves
  • Not only can you clean things, but you can also send a lifestyle surrounded by your favorite things
  • You can always call your friends and family home
  • Not only the space but also the inside of the head can be clean and positive
  • By reducing housework time, you can spend more time with your hobbies and with your family
  • Be kind to family and others
  • You can relax your mind and enjoy your life.

Through organizing and storing, we would like people to become more interested in their home and lifestyle.

Based on Simple & Glamor Interior (excluding unnecessary things and having genuine luxury and uninteresting fun)

Enriching life and leading good luck

I would like to help you.

I couldn’t clean it up until now, but can I really do it?

Can you maintain a tidy space?

There may be a lot of anxiety.

Would you like to turn that anxiety into hope?


It’s only tidying up.but it’s still considered important.


Not only will the family feel at home simply because the space is arranged, but it will also want to invite more people.

When you want to call people, communication becomes active.

Just because the space and people’s energy rises, luck also rises and changes life.

We promise to provide such service


If you have any further requests or questions,

please feel free to contact us.

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