Interior Decorate Service

You can talk about interior struggle at ZOOM!


From changing the design of one room, consulting interiors and interiors when moving to a new building
From the salon interior of a condominium room to the interior planning that considers the flow lines and work efficiency of the office
We will solve any problems with the interior.

Do you have any problems with your interior?


・I would like to discuss the interior, but I feel hesitant to consult.
・It has not been decided yet
・I want to solve the questions about new homes, remodeling, and remodeling
・Since the interior image is not fixed, feel free to contact us
・I want to go to the interior showroom, but it is difficult to enter because of the high threshold.
・There are too many products and I don’t know so much.
・I would like to see the actual things (furniture, curtains, lighting, etc.) and give advice on size, etc.
・I want to create a nice and unified interior when I move.
・I want to make a room in my home fashionable and relaxing! ”
・I want color coordination advice for home remodeling.
・I would like to renovate the interior for new construction or marriage.
・I want to discuss not only interior but also storage.
・I want you to choose from a huge number of things such as wallpaper and floor materials together

Interior Decorate Service

・First counseling: 2 hours/30,000 yen (tax excluded)
First of all, please use the first counseling.
We will listen to your interior concerns at your home or cafes in Osaka and give you all the advice you can give.

For problems that can not be solved in 2 hours of this first counseling and coordination of the whole house, we will estimate at the time of this first counseling, and after we are satisfied, we will shift to total coordination.

・Total Coordination Unlimited/100,000 yen (excluding tax)
In total coordination, we will propose everything related to the interior.
Plans for built furniture and color schemes for newly built houses,
Furniture, curtains, lighting, ornamental plants, interior accessories, art, etc.
We will coordinate with you and make a proposal.
We can also offer proposals for single items such as curtains and lighting.
We also offer accompany service to interior shops.

Online counseling at ZOOM started in March 2020.
It can be easily used by those who are busy working or raising children.

There is no limit on the number of times such as meetings related to services, delivery, witnessing construction, etc.
We have transactions with various manufacturers both domestically and internationally.
Of course, it is also possible to make a proposal within the manufacturer or brand specified by the customer.
We will be responsible for the installation of the products we purchase and deliver.
The interior items you purchase will be provided at a special purchase price.
*If you wish to purchase products from online shops or furniture mass retailers, we do not purchase them. Please use the delivery service of each shop.

Please feel free to contact us at first♪


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